Velvet Flame Jewellery was started right here in Wellington, Aotearoa, by me, Claire!

I love hand crafting jewellery. In my collection you will find a range of pieces, from rings to pendants to earrings and much more. Everything is created by hand in my studio, and is a one of a kind piece - no two things are identical. While you may have the same style as another customer, everything is individually hand crafted, and therefore slightly different from the last. This means you get a unique piece that no one else will have!

I love creating bespoke pieces, and exploring my design aesthetic. Most of my pieces will be textured, often oxidized, with a natural form to them. Oversized and bold. Rugged and delicate alternative jewellery. Inspired by a love of nature, art and music. The dark and the light.

I use recycled silver, as we know mining for precious metals can have a lasting impact on the environment. I try to make my practice as sustainable as possible.

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